At South East Coast Ambulance Service, patient care is at the heart of everything we do and ensuring we can continue to provide a high standard of care to all our patients is one of our highest priority. Working with Beans Training has allowed us to ensure that all of our Newly Qualified Paramedics are given the education, awareness and skills needed to communicate effectively with the diverse community which we serve. Stacey’s passionate and enthusiastic approach allows our frontline clinicians to further develop their understanding of the specific needs of a wide range of people with disabilities, using every day examples to improve the underpinning knowledge and ensuring that every single patient can receive the right care, at the right time and in the right place.


Danny Dixon
Transition to Practice (Education) Manager
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
We met Stacey and Anita through their amazing delivery of the Disability Awareness course. They are both super passionate about the topic and deliver it in a unique way. It is a very informative course with key information being delivered in a practical and interactive way. We learned about disabled people, and the way they live their lives but also helped us make our services here at the Hotel more fair and equal. It is an excellent course and could not recommend it more!

Danai Spania Papageorgiou,
Talent Officer
Lancaster London
Beans Training donated to this worthwhile cause which is about a talented 15 year old drummer called Sean Mailer who suffered from a serious viral brain infection. This left him with life changing disabilities and now having to relearn many skills. YapMusic YouthAction staff and colleagues have started the crowd funding process of raising money to help with health care services that have been looking after Sean and for his continued recovery and rehabilitation.
We have worked with Stacey and Anita from Beans Training on a number of occasions when they have provided our team with training in the field of disability awareness. They designed a programme for our team that was suitable for both guest facing and support colleagues in order to give the team confidence in engaging with, and providing outstanding service levels to guests with a disability.

On all occasions, the workshops were professional and presented in a friendly, lively and down-to-earth manner using language and techniques to engage each person in the group. Feedback from the team is always ten out of ten. Any sort of learning or training is best when it is enjoyed and people can see a practical benefit in both their professional and personal lives – and this certainly is the case with the disability awareness programmes we have experienced with Beans Training.

Clare Sheridan
Regional Director of Learning & Development – The Set Hotels
Hotel Cafe Royal
We've had Stacey come in for 2 years in a row now and they have not failed to disappoint! As an ever growing youth club with a wider range of disabilities for our volunteers to deal with every day, it is so important that they learn how to communicate. The session is constructed in such a way that you really address why communication is important when dealing with disability, especially for many of our volunteers who have no experience in dealing with disability before.

Only days after receiving the training our first partially deaf member attended our club and it was incredible seeing some of our volunteers using their newfound basic sign language knowledge and communication techniques to get to know her better! We really learned how we can better place ourselves to succeed in providing the best quality of care for our members and the most enjoyable experience for members and volunteers alike. Hats off to Beans!

Warwick Youth Phab
At Wellcome, we were delighted with the Disability Awareness training we received from Beans Training. From the outset it was clear that this was going to be a training course with a difference. Take all your worst fears about training: it’s going to make us feel guilty and inadequate; it’s going to be a big rulebook of dos and don’ts; it’s going to all be forgotten this time tomorrow. When you are trained by Beans, all of these go out of the window. Everything was thoroughly explained so that, not only was it interesting, but becoming disability-confident felt achievable and not insurmountable. Dos and don’ts were replaced with explorations of why practices are good or bad, so that people didn’t just learn mechanically but had the chance to think things through for themselves. With practical demonstrations of some easy steps to take, like learning the fingerspelling alphabet to aid communication with deaf people, not to mention plenty of poignant and humorous anecdotes along the way, you really do feel like you’ve gained a level of understanding way beyond what you might expect for half a day’s worth of training. What we learned continues to be discussed and applied months after the session. Some colleagues even suggested they’d have liked the training to be longer!


Aidan Kiely
Wellcome Trust
We have used Beans Training Ltd to carry out Disability Awareness Training for the past 10  years, and will continue to do so for as long as possible! Beans Training are great to do business with – very efficient and with a flexible approach so that the training can be customised specifically for our needs.

Stacey Stockwell is, by far, the most engaging trainer that I have come across, so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about equipping people with the skills for effective communication. Stacey’s sessions are very interactive – definitely no ‘’Death by PowerPoint’’. I have watched our employees during training sessions and every one of them has been completely engaged in the learning process. Many have contacted me after the training wanting to know how and when they can learn more and they comment how much the training will help them both in their personal and work life.

Two words sum up their Disability Awareness Training – ‘’Totally Brilliant’’!

Theresa Taylor
Group H&S/Food Safety Advisor

Edwardian Hotels London

All delegate feedback following a week of in-house training within the London Ambulance Service. Beans Training provided the training on the Thursday, where Stacey delivered and fitted both our Effective Communication and Presentation Skills courses in one day.  

  • Stacey was fantastic at getting the class involved and getting the key messages across. Fantastic day!
  • Disability awareness fantastic. I learned so much.
  • This was genuinely one of the best days of training I have ever had.  Stacey is an inspirational teacher and gave us so much useful info that is so, so relevant, both to practice on the road and delivering public education.
  • Disability and making this group of patients have better care from my work and also those whom I teach.  That is what this session achieved.
  • Excellent, passion, enthusiasm, care ... was infectious and learned a number of things that now seem obvious once we know them.  Everyone in the Service should be able to do this day please!
  • Must watch ‘Come Dine with Me.’ Eddie Izzard eat your heart out.  Very entertaining and informative.
  • Wow – just wow.
  • Excellent and thoroughly enjoyable day.  Highlight of the course as gained greater learning, understanding of effective communication skills when dealing with deaf, blind, disabled persons.  Needs to be taught throughout LAS.
  • Absolutely fantastic, amazing day, all staff should have this!
  • Amazing day, learnt lots from the session and great interaction.
  • LOVED Thursday – very energising / informative.  Incredible speaker.  Learnt a massive amount about everything I was doing wrong in communication with those with disabilities. Should be mandatory. 
  • The day with Anita and Stacey was good.  I learnt a lot about disabilities that I didn’t know, because they shared a lot of personal experiences.
  • Thursday’s session with Stacey was a personal highlight for me.  I really enjoyed the week, meeting new people and learning with a great group of colleagues with a variety of experience.
  • The process of having the right amount of time to practice and change (day 2 and day 5 e.g.).  Personality traits and making the most of them.
  • Stacey and effective communication, but also many smaller points that can not only improve my efforts in public education but as a clinician on the road.
  • The general feeling and enthusiasm from all parties.
  • The Effective Communication day.
  • Everything.  If I really had to choose it would be Thursday, closely followed by Monday.  Really can’t express enough what a valuable course this was.
  • Thursday was the day I found most enjoyable but, in terms of usefulness, Tuesday and Friday were most useful as far as public education was involved.  Fascinated by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and will help with self-reflection.
  • Stacey Stockwell is great! It was a really interesting course – enjoyed her style – would love to see how Stacey dealt with diversity awareness.
  • Stacey is great! Easy to learn from her and her personal experiences. Very passionate about what she is teaching.
  • Loved it, loved it, loved it! Interactive, interesting, actually mesmerising talk and hit every point. A+++.
  • Brilliant session, very vibrant. Very good presenter and very interesting subject.
  • Presentation offered really, really useful examples and shared experiences from points of view that you do not always get to hear. More members of staff should get this training.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Stacey was great at involving everyone and teaching some very useful things about presenting to an audience.
  • Inspiring, engaging and very relevant.
  • Excellent day. The Stacey and Anita team are great.
  • Stacey was fantastic. So enthusiastic and motivating. Made me think about so many issues. Made me want to learn BSL and work with the blind and deaf etc.
  • Excellent external speaker. I would have also liked to cover presentation skills further. Wish the day was longer!
  • Excellent day. Great training team and extremely informative. Good confidence builder/ booster.

 London Ambulance Service

About a month ago I was asked by a friend if I would like to volunteer at the Parallel Push/Run festival at the Queen Elizabeth Park. When I was informed it would include people with a wide range of disabilities, and abilities, and that I would be communicating with them for the day, I began to realise that I really hadn't spent much time with people who live slightly differently than me, and started to wonder if a positive nature would be enough to appropriately communicate with everyone involved....    And then Beans came to the rescue. We were equipped with a series of training videos that aimed to help us understand the clearest, and most respectful, ways to communicate with people who use their senses slightly differently. From the first video I was hooked. The initial feeling I got from Stacey, the presenter, was reassuringly that it was not my 'fault' that I did not have these communication skills yet but that she was there to help. That my 'ignorance' was due to simply not having been taught. The videos were by no means delivered in a lecturing way, but very humanely, and almost downplayed that this was any kind of separate and therefore laborious skill to learn. They were fairly pitched as more of just an extension of the communication tools we already use, and that those who uses their senses differently are really not as difficult to communicate with as we think.    We covered all sorts of different disabilities, from those who are limited with sight and hearing to those whose disabilities are slightly less visible, how these people adapt and most importantly, what they need from us to make them feel equal and avoid them feeling unnecessarily excluded. The course was presented in such a way that I got an insight into people's lives that I'd never had before. It was a truly valuable process. I am now moving onto more courses with Beans and will be pushing their material to all I know! Thank you to everyone at Beans for all you are doing!'

Anna Cottle

Volunteer Work Shop Manager, Parallel Event 2016

Feedback from Renaisi delegates on our Disability Awareness Course 

·         Amazing stuff, right informative!

·         You two are good folk!!! Nice one!!!

·         Excellent

·         Brilliant day!

·         Fantastic workshop, would definitely recommend it

·         Very informative and relaxed

·         I thought the training was excellent. I was kept interested and the two ladies were brilliant and really knowledgeable

·         I think this was a very helpful area to receive training in

·         Brilliant. Excellent session with a very clear delivery.

·         Very informative

·         Excellent training

·         Excellent and kept me interested and focussed

·         Very useful, great session, very interesting and fun

·         Very very very good session