We offer sign language courses in either a relaxed live face to face training environment or as an online/E-Learning format. These courses will cater to the individual keen to learn on their own and at their own relaxed pace, and as well as up to large companies wishing to introduce sign language into their work force and in doing so, improving the accessibility of the business to the Deaf community including improving overall staff effective communication.

These courses provide a basic understanding of both British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE), and how they can be used by Hearing, Hard of Hearing and Deaf people. The courses also cover Deaf Awareness, Effective Communication and Sign Songs. Delegates will learn the fingerspelling alphabet, some basic signs and phrases enabling them to start using the language and communicate immediately. During the courses the delegates will also learn to sign songs – a very enjoyable and fun experience! The majority of hearing people do not actually realise the importance that music can play in the lives of many Deaf people. This is also an excellent way to encourage the delegates to sign faster than their brains are wanting to and  they therefore can often learn signs much faster this way! Check out the video below for a sign song example done for the L Project that Stacey and Sam Dean interpreted 🙂

If you are interested in sign songs, search for ‘Hap & Stace‘ on Facebook to see more sign songs from Stacey and friends.

The main aim of the curriculum is for the delegates to gain an understanding of BSL and learn to communicate with Deaf people using natural body language, effective communication and SSE. However, the courses also will encourage confidence in general. A large amount of Deaf Awareness is taught, which will give our delegates a much broader understanding of, not only the language, but the culture and the way in which Deaf and Hard of Hearing people live.

Both courses are CPD accredited and will provide 18 hours toward your continued professional development. We will provide certificates of completion should all the criteria described below be fulfilled.

6 Week Sign Language Course

This course runs over 6 weeks, with one session a week at 3 hours per session and we will come to the venue of your choice. It is extremely important for potential candidates to understand that it does involve a high level of commitment, as each session is very intense and a fair amount of homework will be set! All delegates should also have a very good level of dexterity due to the nature of the language. The first 3 hour session begins with some deaf awareness, learning the fingerspelling alphabet and some basic signs and phrases enabling the delegates to start using the language and communicating with both the teacher and each other immediately. The following five sessions will follow the format described above, learning numerous signs, including signs that are related to their particular area of work. By the end of the course, delegates will have learned a significant proportion of the BSL Level 1 curriculum (normally a 30 week course) and should be able to communicate well with a Deaf person. We would request a minimum of 6 individuals to keep the costs competitive per person, and ideally up to a maximum of 12 people. We have taught on a one to one basis, and occasionally larger groups (often for larger companies), and we would be happy to discuss either option if required.

Certificates of completion will be provided at the end of the course to confirm 18 hours of CPD, and only if the trainer feels that you have gained enough from the course and gained a good understanding of the principles. It is worth noting that on previous occasions, some delegates have gone on to take and pass their Level 1 BSL exams after attending the 6 week course, although, this is an exceptional achievement!

Please contact us to book a sign language course.


Communicator’s hands spelling out BSL in British sign language. 3 sets of hands spelling out the letters B, S and L in official British sign language. Black and white.

Online Sign Language Course – ‘Learn To Sign’

Learn To Sign is our online course and is spread over 83 modules that lasts a total of approximately 4.5 hours video time but is designed to be taken over 6 to 9 months, depending on how committed delegates are to self directed learning and practicing what is being taught. By the end of the online course, delegates will have covered all the curriculum for BSL Level 1 and a significant proportion of that of the BSL Level 2.

The cost of the course is £199.00 (+VAT) which is significantly cheaper than paying for many sign language courses out there that will get you to the same level. However don’t be put off by the price, we do provide discount vouchers in certain cases e.g. for delegates who have attended any of our other courses, certain events and conferences, large businesses interested in a bulk purchase, the education sector etc.

Have a look at our Learn To Sign promo video below for more information about the course and if you’re still interested, please contact us to discuss your needs, or you can register with us now, go to your dashboard, sign up immediately and start signing by the end of the day 🙂


For an additional fee of £25.00 we can monitor your progress as you work through the course and on 100% completion, undergo a 15 minute live assessment with our trainer (eg face to face, over Skype, FaceTime call etc). We feel that this type of assessment is the only way to effectively assess your level of understanding and learning from the online course. We are aware of many online courses out there that require passing a quiz or a multiple choice test to earn your certificate of completion, however we are concerned that a minority just sometimes cannot be properly supervised to ensure that a delegate has genuinely completed the course and adequately assessed. We feel that it is only fair to you to have a quality assessment so that you can genuinely know how well you have done. Once the trainer is satisfied with your assessment, we will be happy to provide a certificate of completion that will confirm 18 hours towards CPD. There is no limited time frame between completing the course and then doing the assessment although we do recommend taking the assessment soon after completion so it’s still fresh in your mind! Do let us know if you wish to have the assessment prior to signing up to the course so we can set up the necessary analytics specifically attached to your account.


Other Avenues Of Interest

We have also helped with some exciting projects surrounding sign language such as:

• Supervising the sign language used in an internal Virgin Media music video.


• We also have undertaken an exciting challenge where Stacey our trainer is attempting to teach a Deafblind student, a first for us!


• Providing sign language work shops to various events, conferences and festivals.



If you think we can help in an exciting project of your own involving anything from sign language to the various topics in our courses e.g. effective communication, Deaf awareness, visual impairment etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us.