The course material can be delivered live or online and is designed to remove some of the many misconceptions that people have surrounding disability, and give delegates the communication tools, leading techniques and the confidence to deal with disabled people in the right way.

This is by far our most popular course and we are often invited back to deliver the course again and again to the same client. We are also proud to announce that it has been CPD accredited, and therefore can contribute towards your Continued Professional Development within a company, or should you wish, for your own personal gain. Certificates of Completion can be provided on completion of the course but only with prior notification should you wish them.

If you have a large employee base and are looking to provide a training roll-out for your company, or are interested in our online training, we would be happy to come to your site and provide our most popular Disability Awareness Course, AT 50% OFF THE NORMAL COST, for up to 12 delegates. Our only request is that these delegates include some decision makers, and preferably, a few members of staff who try their utmost to avoid training courses and often give negative feedback(!). If you then think this course, and our style of training is not suitable for your company, we’ll just simply walk away.

1. Live Disability Awareness Training

The live face to face course is fast paced, packed with interesting material, is engaging and extremely enjoyable with not a power point slide in sight. It can last from 3 and up to 5 hours long depending on the clients’ time constraints. We will train at the venue of your choice and provide joining instructions prior to the day. Watch our promo video below for more information on our Disability Awareness live course.


Promotional Video for our live training

2. Online Disability Awareness Course

Beans Training Ltd provides online/E-Learning Disability Awareness training packages which are suitable for all staff and individuals alike.

The packages have 4 hours’ worth of material which is broken down in to modules, meaning that a delegate can take between 5 and 20 minutes worth of learning at any one time.

We can provide a client with login details to access their training package on our own website hosting platform or we can provide the entire package to a client, enabling them to embed it in their own intranet/hosting platform. Either option can be customised to look like an in-house product, i.e. we can change the colours and logos in the ‘training classroom’ on the package to that of our client’s and the name “Beans Training” isn’t mentioned during the course for this very reason.

There are several ways we can provide this package:

• Bronze Package:

This online course is our generic Beans Training package i.e. the colours and branding are those of Beans Training. Watch our promo video for our online course below.

Promotional Video for our Online Disability Awareness Course

• Silver Package:

This online course again is our generic Beans Training package but with additional minimal customisation to suit your company. Please see our promo video below as an example of a silver package we did for Parallel London 2016.

Promotional Video for our affiliation with Parallel 2016

• Gold Package:

This online course is a fully customised package for the client containing all the material from our online Disability Awareness course but structured in the format of your choice, including images/footage taken from your work place, company colours and branding. We would also be happy to discuss subtitling and any additional modules of your choosing to add into your course for an additional fee. Our trainer will be happy to wear your company’s uniform to complete the look of any in-house training. Please see our background example and promo video as two examples of a gold package we did for Total Communication (IS) Ltd and Virgin Media respectively.


Image of the customised online course for total Communication (IS) Ltd.

Promotional Video for Virgin Media

3. Promotional Videos

Sometimes encouraging employees/volunteers/colleagues to watch a course titled ‘Disability Awareness Training’ can be hard work, we’re not surprised and attempts at trying to ‘excite’ the title has been near impossible. To compliment your course, we can
also offer the filming of your own promotional video (see examples above) to help lift the enthusiasm and to help promote your course for marketing purposes e.g. events, conferences, in house training etc. Clients that have previously bought a promotional video reported at how invaluable they have been in helping increase interest, anticipation and engagement prior to any course launch. Please contact us if you would be interested in a promotional video.

The cost of the packages and promotional videos will depend on various factors e.g. how many delegates will use it, how long it is required for (if using our website) and budget. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your needs, or just even just for an informal chat :).
We look forward to hearing from you.